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Sorting Out People

Why Sorting Out

Recovery, Restoration, Re-ordering, Re-orientation, and Re-programming

Life can be full of bliss or crisis, light or darkness, excitement or frustration. The pleasant thing about it is that you can make a choice. You can either choose success or failure, prosperity or adversity, victory or defeat, wealth or poverty, health or sickness.

Too many times the darkness of ignorance shrouds our predicaments, miseries and pain in mystery and we, like helpless, choice-less individuals, concede to evil as inevitable.

Today however there is a new light shining, poverty is no longer a must, untimely death is no longer inevitable, failure is not an unchangeable factor, but you must know how, what, where and who to be able to make a change.

Sorting Out is a package that aims to bring a permanent solution to recurring crisis and help unravel the mystery surrounding strange or long-term challenges that refuse to yield to regular prayers.

This divine package consists of comprehensive deliverance and reorientation that will link you with a Seer that will 'x-ray' your situation and show you the root cause of your problems; linking you with the life author, it will serialise the prayers that will devastate the kingdom of evil and emancipate you.

It goes beyond unravelling the mysteries surrounding your challenges; spiritually, it acts as a revival catalyst that uproots spiritual decadence from the life of the slumbering Christian and puts him/her back on fire, out of sin and on the run for Jesus. It has restored a lot of backsliders and set them back on the right path with the gospel. Sorting Out is making regeneration a reality in every phase of your life.

Beyond all of these, Sorting Out makes you better, it links you up with your destiny by cutting off all the shackles that have held you from reaching fulfilment in your finances, marriage, career, relationships, and spiritual life. It helps you deal with the past, change the future and prepares you for an ever increasing glory, taking you from glory to glory.

The package also has a provision for personalised prayer guide-lines and guided prayer 'missiles' that move with precision in breaking through spiritual barriers and satanic strongholds, dislodging strongmen and their human agents. Such prayers are based on the true findings about the happenings around you and the unfailing word of God.

Enquiries or Registration

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In the UK, USA or Ireland, call: +44 7772 763 797 or +44 7891 327 381.

In Lagos, Nigeria, call: +234 807 323 8900 or +234 803 306 2466

In Kaduna, Sokoto, Kebbi & Zuru, Nigeria, call: +234 809 961 0540 or +234 803 452 9052

In Abuja, Nigeria, call: +234 816 540 4047 or +234 809 088 2911