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W E L C O M E   T O   S O R T I N G   O U T

Welcome to the Living Faith Foundations' Sorting Out Website
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Welcome to the Living Faith Foundations' Sorting Out Website. This website has been designed to complement the unique one-to-one ministrations of the Sorting Out Ministerial Team. The information you provide to us via this website is used to tailor our prayers, advice and personal ministration to reach deep down to the root of your challenges and truly 'sort you out'.

All the information you provide to use is treated with the strictest confidence as stated in our Privacy Policy. Also this website employs proprietary encryption algorithms for storing and securing your information as well as SSL encryption to keep your information safe whilst in transit over the internet.

Please note that in using this website you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. Please review this document to ensure that you agree with the terms before logging in or registering to use the site.

More information on the Sorting Out Programme is available here


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What is Sorting Out?

What is Sorting Out?

Next Steps...

Next Steps In Sorting Out

Rev. P J A Olaiya Sorting Out is a unique deliverance ministry organised by Rev. Joe Olaiya, one of the foremost authorities in this area. With over 30 years of deliverance ministry experience and a proven track record of being led by the Spirit of God, Rev. Joe is able to bring his unique insights to bear and provide targeted prayer and ministration to help you out of your difficulties.

Sorting Out provides one-to-one ministration for every one that attends a Sorting Out programme. For this to happen numbers are kept small and demand is usually high. To reduce the amount of time needed to minister to each individual, Rev. Joe has developed a series of forms that help to capture as much data about your life circumstances as possible. This data helps to identify trends and suggests the sort of targeted prayers that brings about deliverance.

This website is another step in the evolution of this programme to make it easier for an increasingly internet enabled international audience to access this unique programme.

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